Commercial Lifts

Staircruiser Inclined
Wheelchair Lift

Master Lifts provide the Staircruiser disabled access lift. The product features robust design and can be recommended for a range of access needs in public buildings, private homes and for any lifestyle requirements. In straight or curved models.

All models are purpose built to suit individual site requirements and demands. The units fold away very neatly when not in use and are easily wall mounted or floor mounted depending on the suitability of either installation method.

The Staircruiser lift is space-conscious and comes standard with sensitive flaps that detect obstructions whilst in use. Safety is imperative and for these reason the units are factory fitted with emergency lowering capabilities in case of a power failure. Options to suit passengers in wheel chairs or those needing to sit can easily be accommodated.

The Staircruiser wheelchair platform lift is perfectly suited to straight stair or staircase situations and carries a capacity of 225 to 300kgs.