Stair Lifts

K2 Stairlift

The K2 Stairlift has an ultra slim profile that eliminates the obstacle of stairs. Designed with comfort and width-adjustment for the best fit, the K2 is one of the easiest ways to modify your home.

Secure yourself in the K2 Stairlift with its retractable seat belt and obstacle sensor system while it carries you smoothly and quietly up and down a flight of stairs. The lift operates on a battery powered system with built in continuous charging, that allows the lift to operate several times, even during a power failure. Giving you the freedom and luxury to stay in your home.

The K2 is designed for residential homes, finished in soft white with an unobtrusive profile, the K2 easily blends into your home décor. There is however an optional outdoor package suitable for moderate climates, including a stainless steel rack and support legs, upgraded battery, zinc hardware for rust resistance and a water repellent seat cover.

Fast installation means you can enjoy the benefits of your stair lift quickly.


  • Unique compact design – slimmest on the market
  • Continuous charging system
  • Quiet and smooth-riding
  • LED status lights to advise you of any issues
  • Obstacle sensor safety system on the carriage and footrest
  • Swivel and lock seat at top landing for added stability
  • Comfortable and durable seat with width-adjustment
  • Retractable seat belt with anti-slip footrest
  • wireless remote controls (infrared) and a toggle switch on the arm rest



  • Outdoor package – suitable for moderate climates, includes stainless steel rack
    and support legs, and zinc hardware for rust resistance; UV-rated, water repellent closed-
    cell foam seat with cover and sturdy clip seatbelt; RF remote controls; and upgraded
    battery for long-lasting charge in variable temperature
  • Optional Add-ons – flip-up rail, seat swivel paddle, rail extension brackets to create no intrusion at top landing and emergency stop button, powered footrest and powered swivel seats



  • 3 Years limited parts warranty (conditions apply)
Technical Specifications (K2 Stairlift)
ApplicationsResidential, indoors, outdoors, straight-run stairway
Capacity159 kg - For stairs steeper than 45 ̊, maximum capacity is
136 kg
Maximum Travel Distance9.75 m
Travel Speed
0.08 m/s (approximately)
DriveRack and pinion
Motor1/3 HP, 24 VDC power that charges on
standard household power
Fold-up width27.3 cm
Fold-out width54.6 cm
Range of incline30 ̊ to 55 ̊
Warranty3 Years limited parts warranty (conditions apply)