Residential Lifts

The Lifestyle Lift

The Italian-designed Lifestyle lift is an amalgamation of fine materials, brilliant finishes, smooth lines and clean structure resulting in a masterpiece.

A blend of elegant personalisation options, stunning finishes, contemporary design and world class safety standards feature with our new product.

Available with its own shaft which is completely made of aluminium, this is a self-supporting lift shaft by one of our world renowned suppliers and partners. There are literally no obstructions to the smooth and clean lines, the appeal for modern homes and existing homes is endless. The Lifestyle Lift is brought to you with many design variations to cater to a range of individual requirements, tastes and architectural demands.

Style has never looked this good!

The Lifestyle Lift also offers a Traction System, which is an eco-friendly option with electric gearless motor technology for optimum energy reduction. Specifically designed for the private home, its designed to fit small spaces, is smooth and quiet and comprises fully automatic control.


The Lifestyle Lift Features


  • Automatic emergency lowering system, allows the lift to lower to the base level, and unlock the door in an event of power failure, running on backup battery supply.
  • Emergency lighting, in a power failure, emergency lights turn on and the lower level button lights up, indicating to press and return to lower level for exit.
  • Over speed sensing, standard with lift installation, a sensor is installed as a safely measure to ensure the lift doesn’t ‘over speed’.
  • Electrical locks, these locks make it impossible for the lift to start elevation if the doors are not closed.
  • Mechanical locks, this function in turn with the electrical locks, wont allow the doors to open if the lift is not at floor level.
  • Key Switch, is a lock in the car accessible to authorised people if needed to both lock and unlock the lift. Both turning it off and on through the operating panel.
  • A telephone is provided inside the lift, in case of an emergency. Emergency services telephone number is programmed into the system and, is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Go Green. Go Gearless.

The home lift revolution starts with the Gearless Traction Lift.

With great energy conservation features, using only a 450 watt motor, energy consumption is only required to raise the lift, using no more than a small electrical appliance in the home, making running costs extremely low.


Other features of the Gearless Traction are:


  • Auto-off lighting, LED down lights, lasting 50 times longer than a standard halogen light, with 80% energy reduction.
  • The car is programmed to park at its final destination, to save on any unnecessary operation and travel of the car.
  • Class A energy efficient, with the European Union energy label, helping to reduce your overall domestic environmental footprint and impact.
  • NYLON SHEAVE WHEEL technology, holds the nylon steel coated cables. Avoiding the steel on steel wear and noise.
Technical Specifications (Ultima Gearless)
LoadUp to 450kg
No of people4 people standing or 2 people standing & 1 wheelchair
Max Stops6
Max. SpeedUp to 0.3m/s (approximately)
Max. Travel12m
Power Requirements240V Single Phase 20Amp
Pit Depth270mm
Head Room2500mm
Cabin Height2015mm
Door TypeSide Sliding Doors
Door Size900mm Clear Opening
Compliance CodeEN81-41 2001