Master Lifts FAQ

Are Master Lifts elevators & lifts made in Australia?

Master Lifts have a blend of locally made, locally produced & sourced lifts, components and replacement parts as well as new and existing relationships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of Stair Lifts & Chair Lifts, Home Lifts & Elevators, Platform Lifts, Wheel Chair Lifts and Disabled Access lifting equipment.

Can a Master Lifts lift or elevator be installed in my existing home?

Yes, Master Lifts can successfully integrate a home lift or elevator into an existing home and we can offer you a range of solutions, internal, external ,fully visible, discrete all with minimal interruption to your daily utilisation of your home.

What type of lifts and equipment do Master Lifts supply & install?

Master Lifts offers a range of product featuring:

  • Home Lifts & Elevators
  • Disabled Access Lifts & Elevators
  • Stair Lifts & Chair Lifts
  • Service Lifts & Dumbwaiters
  • Lifts for Commercial Applications
  • Lift Modernisation & Refurbishment Solutions
  • Service & Maintenance Packages
What type of warranty period do you offer on your products?

Currently Master Lifts offers warranty on products from 1 to 3 years. For more specific information on a particular product contact us on 1300 736 402.

Can a lift accommodate entry on one side, but exit on the other?

Yes, we can accommodate this requirement, in fact it’s quite common in many homes and buildings.

How many floors can your lifts go up to?

Master Lifts have a range of vertical elevators and lifts to suit a variety of applications. We have the products to offer a capacity of up to 4 levels currently, but will be catering for 6 levels with our Commercial Products soon.

Can a Master Lifts lift or elevator be installed in my existing home?

Yes, Master Lifts can successfully integrate a home lift or elevator into an existing home and we can offer you a range of solutions, internal, external, fully visible, discrete all with minimal interruption to your daily utilisation of your home.

How much space would you need to install a life in my home?

With some new products to Master Lifts we able to provide lift & elevator solutions that are unrivalled, and can accommodate even the tightest of spaces, but still providing you with a suitable product and solution, tailored to your needs.

How long does a typical home elevator or lift installation take?

In typical residential applications, our sales executives and installation teams would work with you &/or your builder to ensure our works are completed within 4-5 working days.

Is a home elevator or lift really an affordable option for me?

If staying in your home is important, we can generally offer you cost-effective solutions when comparing the costs of moving (which include; real estate agent fees, stamp duty, removal costs and other associated costs to you from a social, community and services perspective).

What other tradespeople need to be involved with my lift installation?

Typical installations would see you requiring a builder and an electrician. All our discussions and quotations will provide a list building works to be undertaken by others, so you are appropriately aware of what needs to happen on site.

Would a Service Lift be a valuable investment for my home?

Yes indeed, whether new or existing this is a great way to take the fuss out of groceries and shopping, luggage and moving any other
heavy, precious or tedious things around in your home.  Not only will it add convenience and ease to daily tasks, but will be a distinguishable feature if & when you ever sell your home.

Are Service Lifts & Dumbwaiters easy to install?

Absolutely, these take up less of a footprint than almost any other lift on the market, but there’s no compromising on their performance or their convenience.

Wheelchair & Disabled Access – can the team at Master Lifts help?

Another specialty for the Master Lifts team is providing quality Disabled Access product solutions for any person or home, company/building and construction project. Our product range will suit almost any application, and we’d be glad to assist you through the process, whatever your needs may be.

Is my home suitable for a stair lift/chair lift, is this an option also?

Master Lifts offers a diverse range if stair lifts & chair lifts to accommodate any type of stair case inside or outside of the home, or
to any public access area, or commercial building. These are very reliable, very quiet and extremely convenient when the climb is just a
bit too much.

My staircase is quite intricate and narrow…. will you be able to fit a Stair Lift to my house?

Our range of stair lifts I second to none and we can accommodate the tightest of turns and very narrow stair areas. For full details and
options, one of our sales executives will conduct a site inspection, measure and also provide you with an opportunity to see a unit in

How long does it take to install a stair lift or chair lift?

With many of our unit we are in & out within the day, but for more complicated systems with multiple turns and levels, additional days
may be required.

How is a chairlift or stair lift installed?

It’s a very straight forward process. We would install the unit with self supporting upright posts which are then secured to your stair floor
treads. We inspect the safety and viability of this every time we install our units, that’s why our Stair Lifts are so popular and trusted.

What happens if my stair lift or chair lift breaks down?

If the unlikely happens, rest assured Master Lifts have you covered no matter where you are in Australia. We have dedicated 24/7 service, 365 days a year and can ensure you are provided technical assistance, and specialised service advice almost immediately. Upon an emergency service being required we will coordinate the most suitably located service person to respond.

How often should I get my lift serviced?

We recommend that on a commercial site, your lift is serviced and maintained every 6 months, and for residential lifts every 12 months
is usually sufficient.

How do I contact Master Lifts in the event I happen to have operational issues with my lift /elevator?

Master Lifts offers you full coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Simply call us on 1300 736 402 and we have a
dedicated service network to ensure you’re covered when you really need us.