Compact Platform Lifts

Savaria Austraia features a range of platform lifts for locations where a robust and slim design is required. Our lifts are designed for smooth mobility and the perfect solution for commercial and home applications.

We manufacture lifts with a variety of cab sizes to suit compact spaces or multiple passengers. The MultiLift BCA is perfect for low traffic areas requiring access between levels with a maximum travel of 1.8m and is suited for someone in a wheelchair plus a carer.

Multilift Elevator For Accessibility and Wheelchair Solutions

The Perfect Lift
For Your Home

Savaria Australia is highly experienced when it comes to installing an elevator into existing infrastructure or creating a new design for a home.

If you need assistance finding the right lift for your home, we have friendly staff to help guide you in this process., as well as architects and engineers on hand to help guide you through the design process. We do our best to provide a service that matches the elegance of the lifts we manufacture.

Benefits of Our Lifts

+ Extra accessibility in your home or building

+ Variety of cab space sizes

+ Curved or square framed cabs for elevators

+ Curved or straight stair lifts

+ Efficient drive systems for quiet & smooth travel

Call 1300 736 402 or visit our contact us page to speak with our friendly staff.


Chair Lifts With
Slim Profiles

If you are looking for something less bold than a platform lift, something small and provides little to no compromise to your existing features, a stair case lift might be the perfect solution for your home.

We offer new stair lifts models with modern designs and when folded up their slim profile allows other passengers to freely travel the stairs. These chair lifts offer a smooth and comfortable ride to compliment your home.

Stairfriend Curved Stair Lift - Small Lift
Stairfriend Curved Stair Lift For Homes
Small Stair Lift for Straight Stairs - K2

Lifts for Buildings

We offer lift models that can be crafted to blend with the curves of your building or engineered for small or large places with a custom design for each installation. We feature a variety of commercial lifts that allows you to blend your lift into your decor or to utilise it as a centre-piece for your building. Each lift has an elegant modern design that will reflect its beauty with its function, having a reliable, smooth and comfortable drive system. Contact us or follow the link to learn more and find out which lift is perfect for your building.

*some lifts only, see more information about the specific lift model by clicking one of the lifts in the list.