Savaria Australia brings a new range of residential lifts to the forefront of stair lifts and platform elevators. Specifically designed by architects, we offer elevators that are manufactured for residential dwellings and installed by experienced professionals.

Our friendly and helpful staff will take the extra time and care to understand your specific requirements, allowing our sales staff to ensure you have selected the perfect home elevator that fulfills your needs and compliments your home. The Vuelift and Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform lift are two new home elevators, that have a modern, luxurious finishes and smooth travel, which are designed to blend into your home’s architecture.

Home elevators designed and manufactured by Savaria Australia are especially for those that want to create and maintain the ambience of their home, particularly when adjusting to new conditions. Each residential lift has its own unique style and dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for contemporary homes. We offer models that are sleek and require little compromise in order to upgrade your stair case to be wheelchair friendly in a way that does not hinder the stairs for the other residents of your home.

Savaria Australia collaborates with builders, designers, architects & consultants to ensure our clients are the ones that are achieving the desired solution for their home.

Home Elevator Models

Vuelift Residential Lift & Commercial Elevator


  • NEW MODEL with 360° Views
  • Modern Architectural Design
  • Octagonal or Round Glass Finish
  • Automatic Operation
  • Minimal Building Costs
  • Custom Designed for your Home’s Dimensions
  • Created for Homes – Indoors Only


Eclipse Liberty Residential Lifts & Commercial Elevators


  • NEW MODEL Built for Quiet Operation
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Compact Design – Fits Into Tight Spaces
  • Smooth, Comfortable and Safe Travel up to 6 Floors
  • Swing Doors, Glass and Aluminium
  • Front, Rear and Side Openings
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • 300 Kg Capacity


Lifestyle Lift - Master Lifts Residential & Home Elevator


  • Italian Design & Manufacturer
  • Various Car Sizes & Colour Finishes
  • 300 – 400 Kg Capacity
  • Up to 5 Levels
  • Hydraulic or Gearless (Energy Efficient Motor)
  • Various Door Options
  • Large Selection of Car Finishes
  • Glass Shaft Available

Full Range of Elevators

Couldn’t find the right lift? Master Lifts offer a full range of elevators that are more suited to commercial & other applications.