Glass Elevators –
Where Art Meets Function.

Savaria Vuelift Round Elevator - Home Elevator Available at Master Lifts

Savaria Australia feature a range of glass elevators suitable for both commercial buildings and homes where a smooth ride and aesthetic appearance is of the utmost importance. Our elevators are constructed by experienced professionals, ensuring longevity and smooth ride for a positive passenger experience.

Benefits of glass elevators

Glass elevators manufactured by Master Lifts are visually pleasing and offer a unique modern finish, creating the perfect center-piece for your home. Our Vuelift glass elevator has an exclusive modern finish with each lift installation going through an initial design process with one of our architects to ensure your elevator blends into the curves and architecture of your home. 

Utilizing quality materials, specifically, the glass panels, allows for natural sunlight to flow into your home to illuminate your glass elevator allowing for natural light to brighten your home.
The motor has been engineered to operate quietly and as efficiently as possible, using the optimum amount of energy to ascend you up or down to your desired floor in one smooth motion. 

Using glass panels also helps to increase the longevity of your elevator, manufactured with toughened, durable glass that offers an appealing view and sense of security to those who ride in an elevator constructed by Master Lifts.
With a periodic maintenance check from one of our experienced professionals, we can ensure you elevators’ lifetime will allow for continuous use across decades.

Vuelift Glass Elevator & Residential Lift
Vuelift Glass Elevator - Glass Panels Make it Perfect for Residential Buldings
Vuelift Octagonal Glass Elevators

More Glass Less Maintenance

Featuring an elegant design, crafted with reliable components and installed with care means all customers using an elevator manufactured by Savaria Australia are ensured to have a high quality experience from the conception of the design, to the installation of your elevator.

Considering a glass elevator as your next lift might mean less maintenance is required to ensure a smooth & reliable ride. The use of glass panels covering the entire cab offers a longer life-span for your elevator and a pleasing 360° panoramic view. Vuelift elevators also have considerable performance when it comes to a reliable, quiet and energy efficient motor, and is one of the highest regarded elevators we recommend to our customers.

Call or visit our service & maintenance page to find out more about our service & maintenance contracts.

Glass Elevator

Vuelift Round Glass Panels Giving 360 Panoramic View
  • Perfect for homes that protrude  into the environment
  • 360° panoramic views*
  • Access multiple floors
  • Smooth efficient motor
  • Extensive finish options*
    i.e. choice of materials to finish the outside of your elevator
  • Vibrant colour options*

*some lifts only, see more information about the specific lift model by clicking one of the lifts in the list.