Commercial Lifts

Delta Inclined
Wheelchair Lift

The Savaria Delta inclined platform lift carries a passenger with a wheelchair up and down a single flight of straight stairs by traveling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Suitable for home or commercial applications, this lift is a good choice for environments where an automatic lift or vertical accessibility lift cannot be easily accommodated.

The folding platform – available in BCA-compliant size – allows easy access to stairs when the lift is not being used, making this a popular choice for schools, churches and other public buildings. This unit has a 250 kg capacity and is battery powered, allowing it to operate through a power failure. The motor is housed onboard the unit with no need for a machine room.

Safety features include an obstruction sensor system on the platform, non-skid platform with side safety flaps, overspeed governor, manual lowering device, keyed access for call stations and emergency stop button.

If your project has multiple levels, curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landings, please see the Pegasus Inclined wheelchair lift



  • 3 Years¬†limited parts warranty (conditions apply)