Commercial Lifts

Daldoss Microlift Service Lift

The Daldoss Lift can be used for both commercial and residential applications. Its weight capacity ranges from 24 to 300 kilograms, and it has an impressive travel range of up to 30 metres with up to 12 stops. There is a vast range of uses across all business types, catering to your specific function requirements. There are many colours and sizes available, depending on your needs. The product features an ultra-modern design with a high quality reduction gearbox teamed with electromagnetic disk brakes, making its function whisper quiet and maintaining the highest safety standards.


The 24 kg capacity is ideal for transporting small items.


For moving any materials, even the most delicate, with maximum safety.


With the 200-300 kg capacity model it is possible to move bulky materials between floors, as well as with trolleys.

Hotels / Restaurants

The essential lift in food handling and small goods or produce transportation, featuring double decker configuration and heating option. Tavailable this lift is ideal for so many daily applications.


The mail and storage operations have a great lift up to 150 kg.


If you need to move groceries, laundry, luggage & heavy parcels/items
In your multi-level home, the job will never get easier than with the 50kg home service lift
AND Many More!

Table Top Model Features

  • Drive unit and controller are enclosed in the headroom within the structure’s support frame.
  • New push button with LED. Modern and pleasing design, soft and precise activation and completely impermeable to the electronic components.
  • Baked enamel RAL 7038 finish or stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Manual landing doors with rise and fall shutters or manual single hinged door.
  • Complete RAL colour range available on request

Floor Type Model Features

  • For floor type models the doors must be manual single hinged
  • Entrances can be adjacent, but with the door opening always on the same side. (Only right or only left).
  • The modular design allows for simple & easy installations of the Service Lifts in any type of building.
  • The floor type models always need a minimum 400 mm pit.

All Models Feature

  • A range of standard finishes are available allowing for personalisation & customisation to your needs.
  • A range of optional colours are available (see brochure)
  • The Master Lifts Service Lift has a structure supported frame which means with installation, only an opening through each floor is required.

Depending on installation conditions, it can take as little as 8 hours for standard models to be installed into your home or business.

Quality, space saving cutting edge solutions.

To save on floor space in your building or home, the table top Service Lift has been designed to reduce the space that the shaft occupies.

No separate shaft for load bearing is required, or use of an additional motor room. The lift design is compact, modern, and has a low energy consumption, helping to reduce your overall environmental footprint. Strong and sturdy components ensure a safe and reliable car travel every time.