Accessibility / Mobility Lifts

From residential uses, to commercial settings, Savaria Australia and Master Lifts franchise locations are here to help you get the right solution for your needs. We offer vertical platform lifts, inclined lifts, small commercial elevators and pool lifts.

Commercial clients can rely on us to provide BCA-compliant lifts to make your building accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility devices. In today’s world, businesses must respond to the needs of the people by providing barrier-free access. Call us today to schedule a site assessment or discuss your project with us.

Accessibility / Mobility Lift Models

Eclipse Liberty Accessibility Lift - Master Lifts

ECLIPSE Liberty BCA Lift

  • Building Code of Australia (BCA) E3.6 Compliant
  • Swing Doors, Front, Rear and Side
  • 900mm Clear Door Opening
  • Electric Traction Drive
  • Short Delivery Time
  • 1100mm x 1450mm Car


  • 340 Kg Capacity
  • Up to 6 Levels
  • Automatic Operation
  • 24/7 In Car Emergency Phone
  • Emergency Lowering
  • 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty
Master Lifts Multi Lift BCA Home Elevator


  • Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Fully Compliant to Building Code of Australia E3.6
  • 1100mm x 1400mm Car
  • 340 Kg Capacity
  • Emergency Backup Systems
  • Under Pan Safety Sensor
  • 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty
Savaria V1504 Residential Accessibilty Lift & Commercial Elevator


  • Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Applications
  • In Its Own Shaft
  • Flexible Design
  • Painted Plexiglass or Glass Panels
  • Emergency Backup Systems
  • Platform 914mm x 1371mm
  • Up to 4 Levels
Staircruiser Accessibilty Lift - Master Lifts - Elevators


  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Straight and curved stair options
  • Indoor and Outdoor Models
  • Compliant to Building Code of Australia E3.6 Requirements
  • Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted
  • Compact Fold Up Design
  • Safety Sensor
  • 1 Year Warranty
Pool & Spa Accessibilty Lifts & Elevators - Master Lifts

Pool & Spa Lifts

  • Available Indoor and Outdoor
  • In-Ground or Above-Ground Pools/Spas
  • Various Models
  • Easy installation
  • Manufactured in America
  • 1 Year Warranty