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Savaria Australia Residential & Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Savaria Australia

Residential & Accessibility Lifts 

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About Savaria Australia

In 2017, Savaria Corporation, a leading accessibility manufacturer opened a direct sales division through an asset purchase of Master Lifts, a Savaria dealer. Now operating as Savaria (Australia) Pty Ltd, the company is proud to serve the Australian market with 2 corporate locations (Brisbane and Melbourne) as well as through Master Lifts franchise markets in Sydney, Adelaide and Cairns.

Savaria has its roots in Canada and is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:SIS). The company now operates 8 manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and China and has over 1500 employees. The extensive product portfolio of Savaria includes standard and custom residential and accessibility lifts, stair lifts and ceiling lifts.

Savaria Australia is committed to serve its clients with the best technical expertise, customer service and installation quality. We look forward to serving your needs.


Vuelift Round Residential Lift - Savaria Australia Home Elevators

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We offer a range of stair lifts and wheelchair platform lifts to provide mobility in homes where space is limited.

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